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February 05, 2011


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Half a month following the earthquake Lushan, Lushan County Town Village Yuxing Rong Feixianguan heard the familiar spinning mill next door sound. Following a row of danger, equipment commissioning, Lushan County, one of several biggest textile businesses - Qingyi Textile Co., Ltd. 7 May opened a production line, enterprises resume production. Lushan County textile industry accounts for about output worth of industrial enterprises above designated size half of its top enterprises to resume production, which suggests the countys industrial reconstruction began. May well 7 morning, the reporter walked into Qingyi Textile Co., arrived in the gate, are going to be capable to hear the outgoing textile machinery workshop "rustling" sound. In to the plant, in the Qing Hua, carding and sash, roving, spinning, winding 6 workshop, are busy. And sash shop worker Wu Huifang stated the organization received a phone call soon after operate, went back to their jobs day ahead of time, "the dwelling would settle just about all of it, she also desires to come out early to complete to remain alive." Shuting Min, basic manager, told reporters last year, the output worth of enterprises reached 90 million yuan. But the earthquake, the plants roof is pulled crack, workshop a part of the wall tilting device seems high precision displacement, and twisted. "At that time experts to assess, at least a single month just before may partially resume production." Lushan County Textile Association, Zhang Delin introduced modern textile is among the pillar industries Lushan, 2012 an annual turnover of 1.three billion yuan, accounting for all County output value of industrial enterprises above designated size in half. As the textile machines are precision equipment, considerably affected by the earthquake, the county has 16 above-scale textile enterprises all been discontinued. Shu Tingmin said not too long ago following energy is restored, the company immediately organized workers cleaning up debris, repair gear, optimistic self-help for the early resumption of production. "We possess a dozen folks obstinately bent Chezhi S-type production line, and then wait until they check the repair, was ultimately able to recover part of the production." Considering that raw materials, components delivery need time, "Qingyi Textile" All resume production when required days. Shumin Ting told reporters that the pressure is still the biggest corporate funding. But make Shuting Min and his colleagues pleased that relevant departments are extremely concerned about them. In an interview with reporters, the banking system, insurance coverage system, two teams came for the firm, respectively, the certain disaster and want assistance to understand the organization case. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Deputy Governor Hu Ronggang Yaan Branch told reporters that at present the vast majority of Lushan County textile enterprises are carried ICBC credit loans, the bank sent after the earthquake, a few operating groups to enter every single company to know, for diverse scenarios accordingly aid. "We are in the floating rate of interest concessions, even though growing the amount of loans to assist enterprises to resume production as soon as you possibly can." Lushan County Improvement and Reform Bureau of Commerce and Financial Liu Yu introduced, just after half a month of repairs, self-help and help the parties present, Lushan County, textiles and new supplies part of the two pillar industries of industrial enterprises have begun to resume production. The Government will actively guide enterprises to increase efforts to help the building from the park, strengthen the industrial chain improvement, so as quickly as you possibly can to restore as well as beyond the Lushan industrial level before the earthquake.


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